About me

Do you feel submissive and unfulfilled?
Do you feel unhappy and are looking for a true, unique Mistress?

You have come to the right place.

I am a naturally dominant woman – the Dominatrix you have been dreaming about. My greatest attributes are my natural feminine shapes and a sensual and firm voice. BDSM andFemdom has always been my passion.

I have extensive knowledge and experience. You will feel this from the very first moments you spend with me.

I started my adventure in the world of female domination while living in England. I conducted my first sessions at home and at the largest fetish parties in London. I enjoyed learning about bondage from older Masters.

After returning to Warsaw, I organized BDSM events which featured my domination shows.

I have trained many women in my life who now take pleasure in dominating their submissives.

I have conducted thousands of sessions and I still want more.

By making your fantasies come true, I also find fulfillment. The basis of a D/s relationship is respect and trust, which I patiently build with my submissives.

Looks don’t matter to me. Your devotion and obedience are what counts.

Favorite practices

Foot fetish, bondage, probing, pegging, spanking, spanking, electro-stimulation, face-sitting,and much more

Other practices


You have no experience but would like to try? Tell me what you would like to experience. Read about all types of domination available below and choose the ones that interest you the most. Alternatively, you can trust my experience and let me choose for you. During your first Femdom/BDSM session, I can perform any type of domination – or just certain elements – and you will find out what is most appropriate for you. I will be able to tell from your reactions. You are entitled to a safeword after which I pause the activity and move on to the next one, with or without a little rest

Soft domination

Delicate domination combined with erotica, fetishes and perversions, without physical and mental domination, or just soft elements of BDSM

Psychological domination

Insults, human furniture, spitting, humiliation, obeying orders, serving me, being my dog on a leash, eating and drinking from a bowl, and sensory deprivation (consists in deliberately reducing or removing stimuli acting on one or more senses)

Physical domination

Spanking, whipping, flogging, trampling, CBT, ballbusting, wax, nipple torture, torture, face slapping, drills and exercises


Stocks, cross, bondage, tethering, mummification, handcuffs, chains


Foot fetish, high heel worship, foot worship, smoking fetish, crush fetish (only food), fetish of lack, latex, leather, nylon, underwear

Erotic domination

Control over erection and masturbation, chastity belt (I have several models), prostatemassage, face-sitting (only in underwear or tights), strap-on, fisting, oral and anal penetration(you are passive)


Hair removal, full make-up, nail painting, women’s underwear, sexy outfits, high heels, wigs, learning to walk and talk so that you feel like a real woman. I have a pair of beautiful patent heels, size 45 from pleaser

Role play

Playing out different roles and relationships: Teacher – student, Lady – maid / butler,Commander – subordinate, Owner – pet, Boss – subordinate, Lady – dog / bitch


Fucking machine – Blue Balls XL, anal and vaginal penetration (vaginal dildo and analdildo), rubber vagina (milking), electrostimulation, toilet domination, medical domination(needles, probes), public domination, financial domination (money slave), online domination(Skype sessions and tasks by email), group sessions (sessions with several mistresses orsubmissives).


Sex and licking intimate areas (oral servitude and rimming), NUDITY

Favorite gifts

Perfumes, latex/PVC clothing, lingerie, shoes, and BDSM equipment






Available hours and days on which a session together with DOMINATRIXM:


12 PM – 10 PM

Book at least 2 days in advance


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130 €

To book a longer session, write to me by email

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Payment details

34 1140 2004 0000 3602 8015 6118

Booking an appointment

To book a session, write to me by email: