A casting for submissives

We are currently conducting castings for permanent servants in Fetish Chateau. We require a live presentation in front of at least one of our Head Mistresses. During the presentation, you will be asked about your skills and experience in the Femdom world. The submissive is obligated to fully undress before the interrogator. The casting lasts between 30 to 60 minutes maximum. The applicant is subjected to a short test (between 10 and 15 minutes) from the practices he has declared possible with him. Regular availability is not required. Your age and appearance do not matter for some of the skills.

We are looking for submissive:

  • bartenders,
  • film slaves,
  • cleaners,
  • gardeners,
  • camera operators,
  • photographers (with no rights to the photos! This is slavery, not a transaction,)
  • handymen,
  • drivers,
  • waiters,
  • doorkeepers,
  • others.

If you believe you have the skills we can use to make the Studio function better but your desired function is not on the list – you can still apply. The submissives WILL NOT receive any payment. This is SLAVERY, not WORK. Please send your applications to contact@fchdommes.pl